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Enterprising Science

Enterprising Science is a ground-breaking five year partnership between the Science Museum Group (Science Museum, London; National Railway Museum, York; Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester; the National Media Museum, Bradford), King's College London and BP.

Through outside-the-classroom and informal science learning approaches used by museums and science centres, the project aims help more young people find science engaging and will provide opportunities for their future aspirations and ambitions.

Enterprising Science is underpinned by the concept of 'science capital', a measure of the science-related qualifications, knowledge, interest, scientific literacy and social contacts that a person has access to.

Building on research from the King's College London ASPIRES project and practical expertise from the Science Museum's Talk Science programme, the focus is on developing young people’s science capital and on understanding the relationship between school, home and museums to best support this.

We strongly believe museums and science centres are in pivotal positions to help build science capital, by developing connections between teachers, young people, and their families. We support secondary schools to integrate engaging museum experiences and approaches into their teaching, and help them tap into their students' home-based knowledge and experiences to make science more meaningful and relevant to young people.

Since 2013 we have been busy working on several strands of research and development including:

  • collaborative design-based research with teachers and families;
  • action research CPD programmes with teachers and museum educators;
  • Talk Science teacher CPD;
  • resource development;
  • dissemination and publication.

Throughout the project, we are creating an 'engagement toolkit' of activities, techniques, and experiences that will be shared with other museums, science centres, schools and CPD providers across the country and internationally.

Enterprising Science is delivered nationwide from the Science Museum in London, the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester, the National Railway Museum in York, and the National Media Museum in Bradford.

Visit the King's College London Enterprising Science webpage to find out more about this partnership and keep up to date with the outputs of the project research.

Visit our funder BP's minisite.

For more information about the project and the opportunities involved, please email us at: learningresources@sciencemuseum.ac.uk

Meet the Science Museum team

The Science Museum's Enterprising Science team

Top row, from left: Karen Davies (Head of Museums Learning Research and Projects), Beth Hawkins (Learning Projects Manager), Micol Molinari (Project Coordinator), Jane Dowden (Project Coordinator). Bottom row, from left: Christopher Whitby (Senior Audience Advocate), Kate Davis (Project Developer), Tanya Dean (Project Developer), Laura Bootland (Project Developer).