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Open seven days a week, 10.00-18.00. Entry to the Museum is free.

IMAX Theatre

See stunning science films at our massive IMAX Theatre

IMAX Theatre closures:
All day on 28 February, 6 March, 9–10 May and 14 June
From 13.00–18.00 on 15 March and from 10.00–14:00 on 23 May

The difference between the IMAX experience and watching a film at a conventional cinema is the feeling it gives you that you aren't merely watching a film. Instead, it's as though you're actually there – inside the human body, fighting for survival in Antarctica or plunging into the depths of the sea.

Make the most of your visit and book our great value Explorer ticket which includes an IMAX film, Legend of Apollo at the Discovery Motion Theatre, Red Arrows 3DTyphoon Force and a guidebook.

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Please note: Children under 13 must be accompanied by an adult to all IMAX screenings

About IMAX films

To make the most of your visit book our great value Explorer ticket.

Children under 13 need to be accompanied by an adult.

IMAX Theatre

Robots 3D Film (U)

What does it take to make a humanoid robot?

IMAX Theatre

A Beautiful Planet 3D (U)

Experience breathtaking views of Earth, captured from the International Space Station

IMAX Theatre

Image from Under the Sea film

Under the Sea 3D (U)

Dive into this magical adventure and be transported below the ocean surface, into the unknown

IMAX Theatre

Mysteries of unseen world logo

Mysteries of the Unseen World 3D (U)

Explore a world invisible to the naked eye

IMAX Theatre

Bugs! 3D

Bugs! 3D (U)

A stunning cinematic voyage into the hidden world of rainforest insects

IMAX Theatre

Hidden Universe 3D (U)

Discover the mysteries of deep space

IMAX Theatre

Guardian Live Movies and Mechanoids Double Bill: Ex Machina and A.I. Artificial Intelligence

Catch this increasingly realistic-seeming double-bill exploring artificial intelligence

IMAX Theatre

Movies and Mechanoids Double Bill: The Terminator and Robocop

See the two most iconic robots from film history in one screening