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Science Museum

Objects and stories

The Science Museum's collection forms an enduring record of scientific, technological and medical change that spans centuries. 

With the largest number of science and technology objects in the world, our collection covers an impressive breadth of subjects including natural sciences, engineering, technology and medicine, both past and contemporary. 

In addition, the Museum owns a number of iconic objects, ‘firsts’ and prototypes of advances in science and technology that have had global impact on society, from Stephenson's Rocket and a Newcomen engine to Crick and Watson's DNA model and an EMI brain scanner.

Explore... Medicine and genetics

Explore... Atomic Science

Explore... The Archive Collection

The Science Museum archives hold original records of some of the most famous and influential individuals and companies in the fields of science, medicine, engineering and industry.

Find out how to explore the archive catalogue or view the archives in person.

Explore... The Babbage Papers

This historic and important archive contains three main types of material: 1) Babbage’s notebooks, 2) engineering drawings and 3) notations which describe the way parts are intended to act and can be thought of as 'walk throughs' or 'traces' of micro-programs for various models or plans of the engines.